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Harold's Welcome Message

Harold's All-Candidates Speech


Good day, everyone. My name is Harold Kim and I am running for RE-ELECTION to Aurora Town Council.


Some of you have lived in Aurora for generations. How wonderful that must be to have deep roots in this amazing town!


I have been in Aurora for just under a decade. When I came to Aurora, I immediately fell in love with it. Why? Not because of the geography, the buildings…but the people.


One person told me a few years ago that “Aurora was built on the backs of volunteers.”

That hit home. When you go out and participate in community events, you feel the love and energy of people. That is what Aurora is all about!


As Aurora grows in population, we need to invite people to join in with what we all love about this town.

To this end, I have initiated engagement of new Aurorans through the Multicultural Festival. Last month, we all enjoyed the 3rd year of this joyous event at historic Town Park. With each passing year, the event has enjoyed increased exposure, participation and positive feedback.


In tandem with WELCOMING GROWTH and POSITIVE CHANGE, there are many aspects about Aurora that I desire to PRESERVE. One such aspect is Aurora’s community spirit. Two years ago, I brought forth a motion in partnership with the Aurora Chamber, local businesses and residents, requiring at least one of Canada’s two official languages be evident on all business signs. Some other municipalities allow businesses to use non-English signs.  I OPPOSED this idea. I believe that requiring English on all signs allows universal participation in all the wonderful services local businesses have to offer, preserves the Canadian culture while also celebrating the diversity that makes Canada great.


Ensuring that people have access to public services is extremely important. I believe that serving the public also means being good stewards of your hard-earned money. As a member of the Finance Advisory Committee, we initiated detailed due diligence on all Town departments to ensure efficiencies and productivity. I want to thank the other members of Council who sat on this Committee. This was a team effort.


In only three minutes, there is not enough time to share all the accomplishments I am proud of or all  I would like to see accomplished should I have the privilege to be RE-elected.

I invite you to please explore my website.


In short,

-I believe in welcoming change while preserving what is best about Aurora,

-I believe in careful, forward-looking planning even if it means we do not see immediate gain

-I believe in the sporting community and a Sports Culture that has been instrumental in Aurora’s heritage and residents’ overall health.

-I believe in caring and providing for our most vulnerable

-I believe that Councillors must look at the long-term plan of our WHOLE community and make the best decisions for ALL OF AURORA even when it appears difficult.

- I believe in teamwork and working in cooperation with my fellow Council members. It is not about WHO had the great idea, but about supporting each other’s great ideas!


As Aurora becomes a mature Town and as more new citizens come into the fold, we need members of Council who can think critically, objectively and who are principled and transparent in our dealings.


I believe we need Councillors who will epitomize what it means to be a true “Public Servant”.


It is my sincere hope that you will support me as a Servant Leader of Aurora for another term.


Thank you for your time and this opportunity!



I'd love to hear from you. Please contact me if you 

any questions, concerns or ideas to share. I will

make every effort to respond to you in a timely 

fashion.  Thank you, in advance!




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