Harold Kim, incumbent Aurora Town Councillor, arrived to Canada with his parents and sister in 1974. His parents worked hard to establish their own business.  Despite the hardships faced by many new immigrants, such as language and cultural barriers and prejudice, they were able to support their family as well as create employment for others. Harold has learned from his parents that gratitude is a great motivator in any endeavour, no matter the challenges. In this spirit, he sought to give back to Canadian society by running for municipal office in 2014. For the last four years, Harold has brought to his council role a unique combination of extensive experience in the financial world, the non-profit sector and his passion for local and geo-political issues. He has worked hard for both big banks and underprivileged children for it is his belief that "you can't help one without helping the other."

More than "accomplishing agendas" in public life, he believes in the importance of how things get done - with integrity to the process, respect for those who may differ in opinion and transparency to the public.

We invite you to show your support for Harold on October 22, 2018.


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