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Aurora Residents

"We are very happy to endorse Councillor Harold Kim for council and are thrilled to hear the good news that he has chosen to run for a second term. Since being elected four years ago we have been so fortunate to get to know Harold and his family and admire his dedication to his convictions. His love for our community and his genuine caring towards his fellow man makes him a great choice to represent the citizens of Aurora."


Aurora Residents

"I have known Harold for over 20 years, both professionally and personally, and he has been nothing short of exemplary, genuine, hard working and honest. He is truly a person of the people....from his dedication to the church, community friends and family, he puts in countless hours of effort to ensure that our concerns are heard and we are kept informed. As a councillor for Aurora he took our concerns related to the Mavrinac empty lot to Council and fought for the development of a new and much needed park. After speaking with him recently and hearing his vision for Aurora I have no doubt that he is the right choice for councillor."


Aurora Residents, Recipient of Canada 150 Volunteer Award

“Harold is an intelligent down to earth person who is easy to talk to and genuinely cares about people!”


Aurora Resident

"I am pleased  to hear and support Harold’s  decision to stand again for Aurora Council. As one who often attends Council meetings I have first hand experience of his commitment to his role as a representative of Aurora residents. He is well prepared and engaged in all agenda items.
On one issue of particular interest, I asked if we could meet to which he immediately agreed. Our discussions were frank and he was open to
consider my position,  notwithstanding it differed somewhat from his on the matter.
I have also seen Harold attending many community events which he states as important to hear directly from Aurora residents.  
If re-elected Mr Kim will continue as a valuable Councillor to the Town  of Aurora."


Aurora Resident

It is with pleasure to give my full endorsement to re-elect Harold Kim for Aurora Town Councillor.  Mr. Kim has always been available to listen to our concerns.  He does his homework; speaks to our Town staff first, researches the subject, then seeks out residents with different points of view.  You have to respect that!   Don’t always agree with him but do agree with his scruples.


Aurora Resident since 1958, TOA Governance Review Committee Member, TOA Financial Advisory Committee Participant, Regular Attendee at Council Meetings & Public Planning Meetings

“I am personally supporting Harold Kim for a second term as Councillor. This election is a critical change year for Aurora whereby our council size will be reduced from 8 to 6 councillors. This brings a challenge to Aurorans to vote smartly and wisely. I can confirm to you that Harold Kim passionately approaches both challenging and often controversial town issues with a balanced sense of fair and good governance set of values. Harold listens to his constituents openly and with respect. He invests the time necessary to come to council meetings prepared and aggressively debates his points of view for the betterment of Aurora. He is a sitting member on the Town’s very important Financial Advisory Committee, I can confirm from my first hand experience, Harold provides a strong value added proposition in managing and understanding the Town’s annual budgets, capital reserves funding, and most importantly the town’s future sustainability. As Aurora continues to grow and face new challenges, it is ever more important to have the passionate experience, and commitment that Harold Kim continues to provide all Aurora residents. I endorse his re-election.”


Aurora Residents

We have known Harold and the Kim family for over 10 years. We’ve always been impressed with Harold’s dedication, faith and sincerity. When he first ran for public office our family immediately offered to help with the campaign. Since then, we have been impressed with his work ethic, and the time he devotes to the communities, businesses and people of Aurora. Harold promised “servant leadership” and we feel he has delivered that in a way few others do. We are enthusiastically supporting him again, and we know Aurora is a better place with Harold Kim on the council.


Aurora Resident

"Harold Kim, in my opinion, is one of the strongest councilors this term.  Harold always puts intelligent consideration and thought into his discussion at council, his decisions, and votes.  He has been very responsive to any issue that has come up and took action so that they were addressed quickly.  He does his homework, is always prepared at council and looks out for the best solution that would benefit all Aurorans.  I also think Harold is prudent in how our money is spent – no wasteful additional “studies” and “consultant engagements” that had already been conducted in the recent past for example.   He is fair and I think shares the values of Aurorans – keeping our green space, ideas to ease traffic congestion, more parks and sports fields rather than having the singular idea that more development and tax revenue is the only answer.  I think Harold would continue to be a great addition to the team and I support his quest for a second term!"


Business Owner, Aurora Taekwondo

I want to go on record as endorsing Harold Kim for the position of a member of councillor in the town of Aurora. He has always prioritized the wellbeing of those around him and has a vision for the future unrivaled by his peers. He works as a catalyst for discussion and serves as a voice for the people of Aurora. He has been and always will be a great father and husband. Harold treats everyone as his equal and is a great person to talk to in any given situation.


Aurora Residents

"We are delighted to support Harold Kim in his re-election for the Town of Aurora Councillor. Harold has displayed dedication, integrity and servant leadership in serving the Town of Aurora in his four years tenure. He has also shown great love for Aurora in his ability to identify and address this town's needs and changes over the last four years. We are confident that Harold will continue to do his very best to guide, prepare, and shape this town for the people of today  and of the future. We can see that his drive, desire and heart as a Councillor will be of great value to the Town of Aurora."


Aurora Resident, Real Estate Agent

"I had the opportunity to meet Harold over twelve years ago and he has been a true asset to the town of Aurora even when he wasn’t a Councillor. When Harold decided to run for public office I was overwhelmed with joy because he is someone you can count on because of the passion he has for this town. You cannot ask for a better man than Harold to represent you in issues that matter to you. He is a very committed citizen of this town. A man of dignity, integrity and with bright vision. He knows how to accomplish a vision, and he always has time to listen to what people have to say and carefully considers their input. I have complete confidence in Harold to continue to work hard as always, to drive the Town of Aurora in the right direction. On October 22, 2018, please join me in casting a vote for Harold. You will not be disappointed!"


Aurora Residents, Business Owners

“We have known Harold Kim for many years and have always been impressed by his intellect, grit and passion for improving the lives of both residents and businesses in Aurora. He listens, responds to residents and he is objective on all matters, looking at an issue from all angles and perspectives looking at the long term benefit of Aurora and its residents. We most definitely support Harold for re-election to Aurora Council.”


Aurora Resident

Harold Kim is an active and concerned council member who truly has the best interests of the community at heart. I've communicated with him on several issues, the most important of which was addressing safety concerns around speeding in my neighbourhood, and he was proactive, helpful, well-reasoned, fair and caring in his support, while also helping me understand some of the different perspectives and complexities around implementing solutions. Aurora is lucky to have a Councillor like Harold Kim!


Aurora Residents

"Harold Kim does not hesitate to delve into details. He is able to
grasp the sides and subtleties of issues, and to then weigh them intelligently with the town's residents in mind, It's for this ability and his sensitivity to environmental issues that we endorse Harold."


Aurora Residents

“Harold has supported our family as both a friend and a Councillor. He and his family are proud citizens of Aurora, who value hard work, honesty, integrity, community, and respect for all. There is never a moment when Harold is too busy to patiently listen to any ideas or concerns we have, and then to use his role as Councillor to follow up in any way he can. We hope that he can continue his hard work in Office for years to come!"


Aurora Residents

Harold is a very trustworthy person who always listens to people not because he has to, but because he genuinely cares about them.  Not only does he listen but takes action and I have personally seen how he works for the people of Aurora for the betterment of Aurora.


Aurora Residents

"We have been fortunate to have gotten to know Harold over the last few years.  In all of our encounters, he has been personable, approachable and eager to help when needed.  When approached with questions and/or concerns about town issues, he has addressed our concerns and provided answers to our questions in a timely and efficient fashion.  He has supported our neighbourhood in our efforts to advocate for the Mavrinac Park which has a been a great success and from which our family has greatly benefited from.  Thank you Harold for your continued support!  We are pleased to hear that Harold will be continuing to run for Councillor in the upcoming election - he has our family's full support!"


Aurora Resident

In my many interactions with Councillor Harold Kim, he has always displayed an honest and positive insight into the community.  He has listened to my concerns, provided context, and put thought into creative and pragmatic solutions.  Councillor Kim has always been quick to respond to any inquires, and has shown that he cares about his constituents in Aurora.  I look forward to many future terms with Councillor Kim on Council.


Aurora Residents, Business Owners

I became acquainted with Harold nearly seven years ago.  He goes out of his way to help others and demonstrates integrity, wisdom, and humility in all his endeavours. Harold has helped us to realize what a special place we live in and be more engaged in our community. He is passionate about Aurora and it is contagious.  I support him without reservation.


Aurora Residents

"Harold’s contributions for the past term have truly been reflective of his heart to serve his community. He’s served with grace, wisdom and class. I fully endorse Harold and look forward to another term with his representation."


Aurora Residents

"Harold and his family have become great friends to us since we moved here seven years ago. Harold has proven himself to be a devoted husband and father. He is an honest, trustworthy, and a very respectable man, he is always true to his word and very reliable. Anytime we had a question or concern, Harold was always there with answers or he certainly made our voices known at Council! Any time we ask him to do anything, he goes above and beyond to get the job done! He is innovative and looking to take this town to the next level! We strongly endorse him as Councillor for the next four years."


Aurora Residents, New Member of Aurora Cultural Center Board of Directors

I’ve known Harold for about 4 years now.  He’s an avid runner and can be seen around Aurora with his family.  
Harold is passionate about this community.  From what I’ve seen he takes on Initiatives and makes them personal. He gets things done and invites others to participate.   

Thanks for representing Aurora, Harold!  

Cal - Future Voter Extraordinaire


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