• Harold

Reflections on the Campaign Trail

On Monday September 24th , eight people gathered at my house at 9 am to get organized for the election sign launch. I teamed with my friend, Brian North.

Brian and I were putting up a sign on Bayview and Vandorf when a man got out of his car and shouted in our direction,

“Are you workers?”

Brian and I both responded, “Workers? Workers for what?”

He said, “ for municipal candidates. I am a candidate and I need to hire people to put up my signs.”

I told him that I was the candidate and that Brian and others were gracious enough to volunteer on my behalf. We stated that he should ask friends and family to assist him.

He thanked us and got into his car rather dejected. It was apparent that he did not have friends and family willing to help.

I've always felt blessed by my friends and family, but that moment really hit it home. How incredibly fortunate I was to have family and friends like Brian who came out to help me via their hands, feet, prayers and moral support. Even people I have not seen in many years, and some I barely knew stepped up to help deliver my brochures - not a small feat with 108 neighbourhood polls serving 16,000 households.

It was a reminder to me that we all need to be thankful and grateful for the relationships we have. It hit home again that living life with a thankful heart is the best way to live and that life is all about caring for people and building relationships.

I love my family. My wife is the cornerstone. She helps me up when I fall down and carries me when necessary.

As it was four years ago, this election journey with my family, old friends, and new ones is the precious take-away that I will remember for the rest of my life.

I have heard people say, "I don't know if I'm going to bother to vote." As someone who believes strongly in the democratic process, I can only ask those people to reconsider. I do not only speak as one with a vested interest as a political candidate, but I speak as someone who is deeply indebted to those caring, involved citizens who not only take the time to cast a vote, but who selflessly give their time and resources to ensure that the lives of the people in their community are made better by their informed choices.

To those who are still on the fence - please inform yourselves and just do it! To those who cast a vote, thank you! And to those who do that much more - I cannot thank you enough.



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